“Walking along side you towards wholeness…”

Our mission is to creatively and intentionally renew our clients’ capacities for personal healing and growth in a professional, confidential, affordable, and spiritually-based manner.


Core Values

Many people in the Christian community are in need of counseling services. However, there remain concerns about possible disregard for one’s spiritual beliefs. ERCC’s core values are to provide excellent counseling that integrates psychotherapy and spirituality. ERCC is therefore committed to hire trainees, interns, and licensed practitioners that share those same values.

Our History

In October 2007, Emmaus Road Christian Counseling (ERCC) was founded by Drs. Terry and Gayle Samples as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation for the purpose of providing counseling to a handful of students enrolled at Life Pacific College in San Dimas, California. It wasn’t too long before the counseling services expanded to include the entire population at Life Pacific College, local Foursquare pastors, their staff members and their churches.

ERCC’s previous partnerships include Christian organizations such as the Los Angeles Dream Center, Stepping Stones for Women, and Agape Resource Ministries, as well numerous local churches. It is our desire to see the body of Christ whole in body, mind, and spirit. We love partnering and walking alongside others in their journey towards wholeness! To date, ERCC has been involved in the training of over a hundred Christian counselors, as well as provided counseling services to thousands of individuals. We are thankful for the opportunities that God has given us and look forward to many more years serving God’s people.

Our Name

Many people not only find the name “Emmaus” hard to pronounce (eh-MAY’-us) but wonder where it comes from! Our name comes from Luke’s account of Jesus and several of his disciples along a road towards a village called Emmaus (hence the name Emmaus Road). The disciples were talking with each other about things that had taken place, which caused them great discouragement.  Jesus himself showed up, walked along with them, listened to their hearts, and encouraged them by reminding them of who he is. He took his time with them. He stayed with them until they recognized him (Luke 24:13-35). That is our goal at Emmaus Road, to patiently walk alongside you, encouraging you to listen, to discover who God is in your life. We bring our training as professional counselors, and equally important, we bring our lives of faith and intentionally allow God to interweave the two into the therapeutic process. We have no agenda of our own, but to walk alongside you towards wholeness!

Statement of Faith

We, the staff of The Emmaus Road Christian Counseling,
are committed to Jesus Christ as the center of our lives and the foundation of our work.

We believe in the Triune God: God the Father and Creator of all that exists; Jesus Christ the Son of God, who as God in human form lived in history, died and came to life again; and God the Holy Spirit, active in our world today, and living in believers in Christ.

We believe that the Bible is the true word of God and the authoritative guide to Christian faith and practice; it is relevant in all ages, and that biblical teachings speak to both individuals and societies.

We believe that all people need relief from personal, moral guilt because of sin and that this salvation comes only by grace, through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

We seek to apply God’s truth to the work of bringing healing and reconciliation to persons and relationships by affirming 1) God’s love for all people; 2) the inherent worth of every person as a special creation of God, made in his image; 3) the applicability of Biblical principles as a guide to right relationships; and 4) the ability for both men and women to serve the body of Christ in executive leadership positions.