Mark Sandlin

Mark Sandlin

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #91727

The fact that you are here looking for someone to join with you and help navigate what is weighing on your mind is an import step. Feeling depressed, anxious, angry, or confused. Dealing with grief and loss of a loved one, or just stuck in some aspect of life? Tired of having what feels like the same arguments with your children or other loved ones, coworkers, maybe you feel unseen and unheard. Have a wound from the past that is not quite healed and is impacting your relationships today? 

These are just some of the things that can rob you of your joy and peace, be it in moments or larger ongoing ways. Having someone to walk alongside you, help and support you work towards healing is what I offer for individuals, couples, and families. 

I am trained in EMDR for the treatment of trauma and PTSD with an added focus for, but not limited to first responders and veterans. Regardless of the type of approach we take the key factor is our relationship and ability to work together. What are your goals to help you feel like the person you were created to be, and relationships you were meant to have? Let’s start with a free phone or in person 20 min consultation to see if we are a good fit for you in this work of healing and restoration.

Supervised by Jana Plant, LMFT, License #LMFT 47929