Dan Lucey

Dan Lucey

Professional Clinical Counselor Intern


Dan Lucey lives in Orange County Ca. with his wife and two children. He has spent the last twenty years working as a small business consultant, where he successfully came alongside business owners helping them build their companies. It was here that he discovered his passion for helping others through difficult times, as he developed a robust understanding of mental and emotional well-being. He is now pursuing his Master’s Degree in Counseling from the Townsend Institute of Counseling at Concordia University in Irvine. He also has a passion for Christian Spiritual Formation and helping others develop an intimate connection with Jesus.

“People are wired for connection and yet often struggle to develop healthy relationships with others that can often lead to lives of quiet desperation. Because I have had to overcome many life struggles, I have great empathy for the painful journey of others. I have a deep passion for helping people gain an understanding of their pain and the things that get in the way of developing fulfilling lives. If we look closely, we see that God offers us pathways to break free from harmful relational patterns that keep us stuck so that we can develop lives of immense freedom!”

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